Woodstock, Georgia, Real Estate

Woodstock is a wonderful place in the state of Georgia to look for homes as it can be the prefect setting for having a dream home. The city is located just outside Atlanta in the northern portion of the state. Today, Woodstock is counted to be the tenth fastest growing suburb in the entire country.

If you are searching homes for sale Atlanta area, Woodstock can be a good choice. The city comes with a range of affordable properties for you to take your pick from. You will find homes in this city with acreage, pretty subdivisions and master planned communities.

You can search the Internet for a listing of the homes available for sale in Woodstock. Woodstock Georgia real estate is perfect for small, medium as well as large sized families when it comes to homes for sale GA. Woodstock is a family friendly city with a lot of choices for every income level such as condos, town houses or a 5-bedroom castle. There are lots of amenities for kids, so the city does not let them be bored.

The city has an abundance of restaurants and shopping areas which are located within walking distance to most of the neighborhoods. Remember that Woodstock has some homes that are considered to be among the most renowned in the North Metro Atlanta real estate market.

Woodstock, Georgia real estate is divided into 3 main categories; the younger crowd of homebuyers who are usually first time buyers, the homebuyers with children who wish to live in medium or large sized home community, and the retirees looking for prospering active adult communities.

The quality of life in Woodstock is superior and there is also the modern structure which draws in the crowd of home buyers to the city. Clearly inform your realtor all your requirements when looking for a house in Woodstock, tell him/her about your preferred location in the city, your budget and other requirements. This way the realtor will cater to your needs in a better manner.

Small Town Life in Woodstock, Oxfordshire

Small town life in Woodstock, Oxfordshire is filled with scenic beauty and a historical and cultural significance. It is home to Blenheim Palace, the birthplace and ancestral home of Sir Winston Churchill. Because of the historical importance of the structure, it’s been designated by the United Nations as a World Heritage Site. This town of only 3,000 people is conveniently located about 73 miles west-northwest of London proper.

The town is filled with history. Edward, Prince of Wales, also known later in life as The Black Prince, was born in Woodstock in June of 1330. It was also here where Elizabeth I, probably one of the most historically significant female monarchs in English history, was kept as a prisoner for a time. As a young princess, she was confined to the gatehouse of the Woodstock Manor. The main building itself was considered too run-down a place to keep her.

Woodstock as a name goes back to the Anglo Saxon era. The town also gained its market in 1179, when a royal charter was granted. For much of its past, the town’s main source of income came from the making of gloves. Today, its main industry is of course tourism.

Blenheim Palace is the main draw for tourists from all over the United Kingdom and many other parts of the world. It is a fine example of what’s called Italo-Corinthian style. Historically, its construction was paid for out of the nation’s own treasury. It was given to the first Duke of Marlborough, John Churchill, for his victories over the French and the Bavarians at Blenheim in 1704.

The southeastern England county of Oxfordshire boasts a population of around 635,000 people. Formed in the early years of the 10th century, it is most famous for the University of Oxford, in Oxford. This university is acclaimed as the oldest of its type in the English-speaking world. Woodstock and the county of Oxfordshire offer much in the way of diverting sightseeing and recreation opportunities. Anybody traveling through this part of England will be sure to have a pleasant time.

Zac Brown Band Unleash Uncaged!

Zac Brown Band’s much anticipated 3rd album “Uncaged” has finally been unleashed. They are a band known for pushing the boundaries of what it means to be a “Country Act”. As Zac himself jokes about “Uncaged” “It’s your basic country Southern rock-bluegrass-reggae-jam record”.

I’d also add pop, RnB and prog rock into the list of genres that ZBB confidently experiment with on this new record.

As much as that might make it sound like this album is suffering from a major identity crisis, it isn’t. Somehow they manage to spread their musical tent far and wide, but still retain the heart, soul and character of who they are as a group.

Throughout this album, the bands sophisticated, trademark vocal harmonies and Zac’s outstanding lead vocals are the consistent thread that ties this record together.

They kick things off with the aptly titled “Jump Right In”, and indeed from the first joyful chord, that is exactly what you want to do.

Zac sings “You could jump right in, Let the music pull you in and jump right in, You could loose yourself again… ”

This is a song to lift your spirits. I can also hear it sitting comfortably on radio playlists nationwide. It’s one of the strongest album openers I have heard in a long time and I imagine it being a massive hit for the band in the coming months. The upbeat summer tune beckons you to take a drive on a hot day with the roof down just to soak up the sun. “Jump Right In” shows the band’s ear for melody and a pop sensibility which is second to none.

They shift gears somewhat and move into a progressive rock sound on the title track for the record “Uncaged”. You can hear Zac’s 60′s/70′s influences channeling through him here. This song would have been perfect played live on the main stage at Woodstock in 1969. The band’s accomplished musicianship is more than apparent on this track. You can hear them letting loose and really having a fun with the arrangements. Uncaged showcases the “band” element of the Zac Brown Band.

Returning to their comfort zone with the captivating “Goodbye in her eyes” this where they sound completely at home. This song is haunting and compelling with a straightforward story that’s universally understood… You get to hear a tenderness in Zac’s voice as he delivers the lines,

“I could tell that it was over, when her lips met mine”

Zac’s vocals on this song are jam packed with emotion, right from the opening line. The band doesn’t in any way distract but rather enhances and supports Zac’s delivery of this stunning ballad. It brings to mind the old saying that sometimes “The song sings the singer”

But before you have time to relax too much, the band explode into their most country (and by far the fastest and most energetic) track on the album. The band refer to this track as a “Barn Burner”. In case anyone was concerned they were straying too far from the country genre this should put all minds to rest.

That being said however, the one and only song that for me that really sounds out of place on this album is “Island Song”. Zac performs this genre crossing jam with a faux Jamaican accent, that comes across as far too contrived for my tastes. That coupled with a Reggie groove and lightweight lyrics makes for a deviation too far from the heart of who Zac Brown Band are at their best.

This album more than redeems itself on the next track as it goes from, in my opinion, the weakest song on the album, right into its most shining moment. “Sweet Annie”has all the marks of a classic song that will stand the test of time. Zac has hit on his very own “Desperado” or “The Weight” and this is a song that will be around for many years to come.

Natural Disaster flows on seamlessly on from “Sweet Annie”. It starts with a growling Hammond organ underpinning the silky voices of ZBB. The drums kick in with an energy that reveals a track akin to British counterparts Mumford and Sons, and we are all right back in that barn with a whiskey in our hands.

Another stylistic deviation is “Overnight”. There is nothing wrong with this song per say but again it feels distinctly out of place with the overall feel of the album. It just sounds like its got lost from another album and somehow found its way onto this one.

After this they return once again to the Zac Brown Band sound we know and love and there are no more deviations from now until the end of the record. “Lance’s song” is a gentle mid tempo, classic country number complete with fiddle, peddle steel and banjo.

“That day I die” follows a similar path, full of musical hooks and excellent vocal performances. Here is Zac reflecting on his life message and how it is inextricably tied to music.

“I believe that I was born with a song inside of me”

He duets on this song with the incredibly talented Amos Lee. This duet is seamless and the two voice blend beautifully.

The album closes once again with an appropriately titled “Last But Not Least”. A Song to a wife or girlfriend who has to cope with a man in demand. This is a song that serves to remind us that these boys might wander into some musical pastures new but they also know where there bread is buttered and they always return home to that classic country sound.


Stuart Weitzman Woodstock Wedge – Tough Look With a Feminine Appeal

It was just the other day that I noticed an interesting fad developing in the Stuart Weitzman collection for the Stuart Weitzman Woodstock Wedge boots for women. Taking note of all the footwear in the boot collection offered, it seems as though this particular style is searched out more by ladies than other types.

Why is this particular style become so popular? They have a unique look about them, based on a rough and tough style – but still have a feminine appeal. Women in many comments all over the Internet rave about the style and love the comfort and durability provided by these very stylish boots.

Here are some of the features of the Stuart Weitzman Woodstock Wedge:

  • Designed with crinkle textured Nappa leather that will get many compliments.
  • Fashionable lace-up ankle boot on a stacked wedge heel.
  • Eight-eyelet lace-up and stitch detailing.
  • A convenient side zip closure for easy on and off.

Additional information about the Woodstock Wedge Boots:

  • Shaft height measures approximately 7″ from arch.
  • Boot opening measures approximately 9 3/4″ around.
  • Heel measures approximately 3″.

Cost Information: I have found that, in general, most pay around $435 retail prices – based on the style bought and the various retailers selling the Stuart Weitzman Woodstock Wedge for women. I have also found several sites that sell them with free shipping, sometimes with free overnight shipping. From time to time, you may find various deals, like $25 off your purchase and such. You just have to keep your eyes peeled for these types of special offers.

All of these boots are easy to maintain and keep up. They are very well made and do not fall apart. For years, their boots have been known for both a wide range of styles/varietys and a dedication to producing a quality product. So try them out and feel the difference.

Charter to Bonnaroo

Bonnaroo is a creole word that means ‘a really good time’ so it is only fitting that the people who came up with perhaps the best music festival this side of Woodstock would name it so aptly. It’s not just music that makes this festival so popular as it is also billed as an arts festival, and features artists and artisans from all over the country selling their unique products.

Bonnaroo is held annually in Manchester Tennessee at Great Stage Park. It usually starts on the second Thursday of June and runs for four days. What started as just a festival featuring folk rock artists in its inception back in 2002 has grown into a who’s who of music. Pop, alternative, gospel, funk, metal, hip hop, country, folk and reggae acts take to the many stages throughout the four day run. Big names such as Bruce Springsteen, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Mumford and Sons, Arcade Fire, Elton John and Nine Inch Nails have all performed at Bonnaroo in the past to name just a few.

Of course, getting to Tennessee takes some doing, as not every one of the 80,000 plus attendees live in the immediate area, so why not do things up right and charter a plane to get you to what Rolling Stone once called one of the ’50 Moments That Changed Rock and Roll’ in style? It is easier than you might expect and it will allow you to bypass the major airports and the commercial airliners in one fell swoop. Chartering allows you to go on your schedule, not that of the airlines, and can get you closer to the action than a major airport can. Better than that is there aren’t long security lines and you know your baggage will arrive with you, not to mention the leg, elbow and head room that you get with a customizable cabin and all the amenities you could ever want.

Whether you are going for the music, the art or just to hang with thousands of your closest friends, the Bonnaroo festival is something to behold and the organizers have made it that there is never a dull moment during those four days in June. Check out the comedy tent, the silent disco, the cinema tent and the Ferris Wheel, or tap into your artistic side and paint something, create something or just simply see where your spirit takes you, it’s all part of the wonderful time in store at Bonnaroo.

A Town in Oxfordshire With Rich History to Discover

Woodstock literally means “clearing in the woods”. This little town located in Oxfordshire England was given this name because of a literal clearing which is a beautiful valley separating the town into two sections: known as new and old Woodstock.

Woodstock is a town full of English history dating back o the 17th Century. This is the birthplace of many prominent well-known people including Sir Winston Churchill and King Edward III’s son Edward. Mary I half sister Elizabeth was imprisoned in the Woodstock Manor after Mary was disposed of.

This area became a popular tourist destination in the seventeenth century with the arrival of the Duke of Marlborough. There was a local inn called the Bear which boasted crowds of visitors each week. The town thrived on tourism and the local manufacturing of gloves.

There are many elaborate old buildings, museums, and palaces to explore in this quaint little town. The Blenheim Palace is a must see if you are in the area. This is the most popular tourist attraction in the town. There is a new museum full of history, art, and interesting curios and archeology. This is surrounded by a beautiful garden that is worth a trip in itself.

Other museums that you should visit are the Oxford Bus Museum Trust, Rousham House and Gardens, and the Pitt Rivers Museum. These offer views of the area’s rich culture and history

There is a parish church called St Mart Magdalene, which features an original musical clock that chimes and makes beautiful music every hour. This is a sound original to the area and calls home to all who hear it. The church also boasts a door that dates back to Norman origin.

Woodstock is an area full of creative and artful people. This is how many of them make their living. This town is also home to the well-known Oxford School of Drama.

Woodstock GA Real Estate

The city Woodstock is located in the Cherokee County of Georgia, United States. Woodstock Georgia would be the perfect place to end your search for an ideal living. The present Woodstock GA real estate market is showing a steady progress and the prices offered are quite attractive.

The prices have been more or less constant since the last few years. The median price for these homes is around $189,900. Varieties of affordable Woodstock GA homes are now available. Types of real estate listing include new homes, small apartments, country homes, vacation homes, multifamily apartments, luxury homes, condos and mortgages. More and more homes are getting sold off in Woodstock. But a handful of new homes and open houses are still tagged in the list.

The overall economical growth of Woodstock Georgia has been impressive and presently it is one of the fastest-growing suburbs in USA. Technology, hospitality, retail, education and tourism are the main boosting factors of this city. The unique beauty of the Blue Ridge Mountains and the vigorous city life of the metropolis of Atlanta make this place amongst the most favored. Other spots which attract a lot of tourists as well as weekenders are Noonday Creek, Little River and a cluster of shopping malls and cultural centers. There are about 40 schools and all of these are known for their high quality standards. Some other reputed study centers are also scattered around the city.

Transport is yet another advantageous feature of Woodstock. Several bus and rail services make the accessibility convenient to all the major business and educational sectors of the city. Special bike lanes are constructed for the convenience of bikers. Other efficient city services like police and fire department helps maintain the safety and security of the city. Woodstock has the largest police department in the Municipality of Cherokee County.

You can choose your home from categories like bank owned stages, resale homes, auction houses, pre foreclosures and short sales. A wide range of foreclosure homes are in the list. Almost 550 of them are now ready to be sold. The median price for these foreclosures is $151,900 approximately. The average price of Woodstock GA homes is prevailing around $222,535 which is 0.2% less than that of the previous months. Prices have been high in areas with zip codes 30144, 30155, 30188, 30189 and few others.

Recently, more than 900 houses from various categories have already been sold. Lots of commercial plots are also in demand. The localities of Woodstock GA are extremely friendly and pleasurable. Criminal activities are less spotted. Residents from all age group enjoy numerous kinds of cultural and social entertainment programs all over the area. Music, art, sports are few other notable features of Woodstock. It would be best if you contact a well informed real estate agent of Woodstock GA who can help you to make the best deal.