A Town in Oxfordshire With Rich History to Discover

Woodstock literally means “clearing in the woods”. This little town located in Oxfordshire England was given this name because of a literal clearing which is a beautiful valley separating the town into two sections: known as new and old Woodstock.

Woodstock is a town full of English history dating back o the 17th Century. This is the birthplace of many prominent well-known people including Sir Winston Churchill and King Edward III’s son Edward. Mary I half sister Elizabeth was imprisoned in the Woodstock Manor after Mary was disposed of.

This area became a popular tourist destination in the seventeenth century with the arrival of the Duke of Marlborough. There was a local inn called the Bear which boasted crowds of visitors each week. The town thrived on tourism and the local manufacturing of gloves.

There are many elaborate old buildings, museums, and palaces to explore in this quaint little town. The Blenheim Palace is a must see if you are in the area. This is the most popular tourist attraction in the town. There is a new museum full of history, art, and interesting curios and archeology. This is surrounded by a beautiful garden that is worth a trip in itself.

Other museums that you should visit are the Oxford Bus Museum Trust, Rousham House and Gardens, and the Pitt Rivers Museum. These offer views of the area’s rich culture and history

There is a parish church called St Mart Magdalene, which features an original musical clock that chimes and makes beautiful music every hour. This is a sound original to the area and calls home to all who hear it. The church also boasts a door that dates back to Norman origin.

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Woodstock is an area full of creative and artful people. This is how many of them make their living. This town is also home to the well-known Oxford School of Drama.

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