Crafts for a Killer Woodstock Party

Woodstock was a popular musical festival that continues to gain popularity, so there are crafts that you can do if you are one of the many fans. This is especially the case for young people who weren’t alive for the original Woodstock. They saw how much fun people had in the documentaries of the occasion and would like to experience some of that. If you are planning a Woodstock party, then you should think about making crafts that are related to this event. Then your party can look and feel as though you have gone back in time.

One great Woodstock craft is to make a fake microphone stand. This is a good decoration. You can make it out of cardboard for a wall hanging or out of sturdier material if you want it to be able to stand up on its own. Once you have that made, you can direct various happenings at your party by standing at the microphone. You could even have karaoke of all the best songs from Woodstock and people can perform at the front of the room there.

At Woodstock, people played in the mud, so you could actually craft this in your back yard. If you don’t mind messing up your lawn, you can start a mud pit by watering the ground and kicking up the dirt. Then everyone can play in the mud and listen to the music of the era. It will make them feel like they are actually back in Woodstock.

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