Woodstock 40th Year Anniversary – Canceled?

Rumors about the upcoming 40th year anniversary of Woodstock are proliferating in the Internet. The tentative schedule of this event is on October 25th 2009. However, there is news that reveals that this event might be canceled due to financial issues. With the economic problems that are facing the world especially the United States of America, sponsors have not been giving their support with the upcoming Woodstock 2009.

Sponsors are needed in the events because there are many things that should be paid like the venue and sound equipments that are needed to push through with the event. If there would not be any sponsors, how can the Woodstock management pay the venue? If there is no venue, how can the event be made possible? These are but some of the problems surrounding the 40th year anniversary of Woodstock.

Since the Woodstock concert is free, many people will surely flock the event. The tradition of Woodstock is to give free concerts. However, with the economic problems that it is facing, will it still be possible that the concert will be given for free indeed? Fans then should need to choose: a free concert that has no assurance that will push through or a paid concert that is sure to rock and roll on the months to come.

There some things that should be considered by the Woodstock administrators such as to have the fans pay the tickets then get more sponsors, construct booths for foods, drinks and souvenirs. In these ways, the Woodstock 2009 40th year anniversary will surely be made possible. Even a minimal pay will help Woodstock go a long way for the fulfillment of its 40th year anniversary. For now, we could only hope to see other there at the Woodstock 2009 concert.

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