Woodstock Chimes For Relaxing and Calming Music

Woodstock chimes is the product of the imagination of Grammy Award musician Garry Kvistad. Wind chimes are not just for hanging on the front porch any more. They are used the world over as serious musical instruments. Woodstock chimes is one of the most world wide loved and known in both the music business and in the home.

In 2008 Woodstock chimes was awarded Editor’s Choice Award from HomeDecorBuyer.com for Woodstock Garden Thai Buddha. Additionally, they received the Best in Show award at Atlanta International Gift & Home Show in 2008. The Wall Street Journal in 2003 that the Woodstock chimes, Chimes of Bach was the best value and best overall.

Woodstock chimes was founded as Woodstock Percussion, Inc. in 1979 by Garry and Diane Kvistad. The business remains family owned and offers an affordable bit of musical gift to all who want to possess them. Their company is all about sharing music with the family. They are known through out the world for an affordable high quality product.

The chimes founded a charitable group called Woodstock Chimes Fund and Charitable Chimes which has been in business for 30 years. They estimate to have raised and distributed over two million dollars to those in need. Additionally, the group participates in a good deal of community services to help those in need. The programs that the fund assists are in the areas of the Arts and food and shelter programs around the world.

The chimes is a business based on the musical sounds of nature as well as other man made instruments. If you are looking for a large variety of percussion instruments to choose from including the simplest natural angelic noise of wind chimes you should will find it at woodstock chimes. You will have no shortage of choices. The hardest part will be deciding what it that you want to do.

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Woostock chimes is famous the world over for their amazing products and wonderful creative ideas. They are the place to go when you have a creative need in the music world to fill and need a little help to get to the right instrument.

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